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Shenzhen Sampo Kingdom Household Co., Ltd, is established in 2013, formerly known as Shenzhen Sampo Furniture Co., Ltd. which is established in 2001 . It has been the largest kids pine bedroom furniture designer and manufacturer in China, with over 1000 brand stores in China. Over the last 20 years, Sampo Kingdom has expanded its facility to over 300,000 square meters and currently own five factories with 10 automatic production lines and a 35000M2 warehouse.

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Sampo Kingdom design and manufacture wooden bunk bed, single bed, wardrobe, bedside table, study desk and book shelf, bookcase and drawer as well as frames, etc. Besides of dominant occupation of kids furniture in domestic market, Sampo Kingdom has explored international markets like South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc."High quality, competitive price, Timely delivery and good service" is company's important concept and basic principle. We have been always regarding customer's satisfaction as our working objective. Sincerely wish to serve you and grow with you.

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Sampo Kingdom attended Canton fair annually since 2014


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